Sound Effects & Atmosphere



Sounds and atmosphere provided by Syrinscape. There is no other sound design application in existence that can provide the caliber of ambiance like Ben and his team. If you’re looking to enhance the immersion at your table, Syrinscape is the key! Because Epic games need Epic sounds.

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Larian Studios

Larian Studios, the creators of the Divinity series, has been kind enough to allow the use of music from their games, most notably Divinity: Original Sin II. These folks make stellar top-down isometric RPGs that slot right into the genre of roleplaying we here at The Pod Called Quest love and enjoy. If you haven’t heard of the Divinity series, we implore you to go give them a look! We assure you, you will not be disappointed.

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Creative Commons Music

In order to provide our listeners with the maximally enjoyable and dramatic show we can, The Pod Called Quest uses music from a myriad of artists who release their music via the Creative Commons. Without their tremendous work and generosity, our show would be bereft of the integral background and support music provides. If you enjoy the music of the show, we encourage you to please check these folks out and offer them any support you can muster.

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