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From humble beginnings in a living room to a full-on gaming space, the cast of The Pod Called Quest is here to bring you the best long-form actual play podcast around. Die-hard players of the Pathfinder Roleplaying game, the PCQ is dedicated to telling great stories while also fully utilizing the incredible ruleset that the Pathfinder RPG provides.
So grab a drink and take a seat.
For today, we quest.

Meet the Cast!


Josh Jacquot

What’s in a game?.. err.. master. An encyclopedic knowledge of all things Pathfinder? Thousands of character voices and an endless aptitude for storytelling? Well, how about just frantically scrambling and white-knuckling behind the GM screen?

Josh cut his teeth with D&D 3.5 and has now been GMing Pathfinder for nearly a decade; it’s not apparent given how many rules he doesn’t know but we swear he’s telling the truth. Being at the tabletop and behind the screen is Josh’s favorite pastime (excluding spending time with his wife Laura of course), so much so that every other hobby he affords time in his life is, at minimum, tangentially tied to the TTRPG world.

You’ll find him painting miniatures, reading comics and fantasy novels (think Tolkien, Sapkowski, and Martin), studying accents and cultures, and populating his homebrew world of Meridian. He hopes to someday become a novelist, maybe do some voice-acting, and hopefully not crumble under the weight of distributing an entirely homebrewed Pathfinder podcast.

In the end, Josh just loves the way tabletop roleplaying brings people of all kinds together.
“It’s a shortcut straight through your prejudices; it doesn’t skirt around your shit. And after a little pain and a bit of fun, you end up with empathy and perspective. We’re all not so different in the end and to quote someone far wiser than myself, ‘Luminous beings are we; not this crude matter.’ ”

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Laura Jacquot

Cosmetologist by day and nerd by night, Laura’s a busy bee. She works as a hairstylist and makeup artist, and even has her own business making custom cosplay wigs on Etsy. When she’s not working, Laura spends her time cosplaying, streaming on Twitch, and consuming every known fantasy romance novel in existence (think sexy polymorphing dragon guys).

Laura also just happens to be married to your friendly neighborhood gamemaster, Josh, and proudly slays every monster he can throw at the party. But don’t worry, what happens at the table, stays at the table.
No spouses were harmed in the making of this podcast.

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Shane Vincent

From Hellgate London to World of Warcraft, if you can name it, Shane’s played it. His obsession with RPG’s, both online and at the table, ranges from the critically acclaimed to the comically obscure. And although he still plays his fair share of shitty mobile games and anything Elder Scrolls, nothing compares to his love of pen and paper. He started playing 2nd Edition D&D at 19, eventually graduating to 3.5, and even played some Green Ronin games before finally realizing the error of his ways and marrying the Pathfinder ruleset. Since then, he’s never looked back.

When he’s not rolling dice, he’s either drinking beer, writing music, or playing with his cat. Shane also has hopes of becoming a dog when he grows up.

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When Stephanie isn’t playing Pathfinder, you can generally find her streaming retro and JRPG games on Twitch with Laura and friend of the show Kathryn Lynn. She tends to jump into new hobbies all the time, but recently has been working on improving her cosplay skills.

Steph has spent years in restaurant management and thus, she’s a bit of a foodie (read: borderline pretentious) and a level one sommelier. She’s also not one to sit still for long and loves exploring new places and having new experiences. In fact, The Pod Called Quest is Stephanie’s first Pathfinder campaign, and her first foray into the TTRPG world as a whole!

Oh, and we can’t forget to mention she’s a complete and utter animation nerd. Green Lantern: the Animated Series stans unite!

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David Felix

David is a real daddy… oh shit no, not like that. He’s a proud father of one, as well as an aspiring writer and artist. David spent his formative years watching graphic anime akin to Akira, and Ghost in the Shell when his parents weren’t home. Oh, and don’t forget playing Mortal Kombat with all the blood effects turned on. Toasty!

Our boy here is an avid anime junkie and a lifelong member of the cult of Miyazaki (he’s even got an adorable Totoro tattoo). And though some of his interests have changed throughout his life, one such fascination has never wavered: he has an unbridled ardor for storytelling (bonus points if it includes some gore).

The Pod Called Quest is David’s first Pathfinder RPG campaign and his altogether first TTRPG experience. Something something fish to water…

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David “Foz ” Fosmire

David, AKA “Foz”, dove head-first into the Pathfinder RPG about three years ago and hasn’t looked back since. When he’s not roleplaying on The Pod Called Quest, he spends his time GMing another Pathfinder game where Josh gets to actually play and not GM for once (where my lifelong GMs at?).

Foz enjoys watching anything produced by HBO, writing music, and playing RPG favorites like The Legend of Dragoon and Final Fantasy X.

Currently, David is a restaurant manager but has his eyes set on making tabletop games a career however he can. If he had one thing to say to you all, it might sound something like, “Play tabletop games no matter the cost; it’s always cheaper than therapy.”

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