Combat Manager


Combat Manager is the single best free standalone desktop and mobile application for tracking combat, looking up rules, spells, and nearly anything else you can think of. Its creator, Kyle Olson, has recently started a Patreon. Go check him out and throw him some money for all his hard work over the passed 9 years! Seriously, if you’re a GM that uses any sort of electronic device at the table, get your hands on this!


If you’re looking for an intuitive and beautiful map-making application, go give Wonderdraft a look. All the maps on our Maps page were made using Wonderdraft by your friendly neighborhood GM, Josh.
Not convinced? Here’s what Josh had to say…

“It’s fucking great, dude.”

Have you ever needed a quick and easy way to make your homebrew content look nice in PDF form without those expensive software? Well, it’s your lucky day, my friend! The Homebrewery is a nice little web app made for creating very realistic looking 5e content, but hey, Josh uses it for Pathfinder anyway. All the homebrew classes, ancestries and basically everything here on the site is made using this app. Get on it!

Monster Generator (beta)

Monster Generator is a Java-based program created by John Davis and made free for folks to use via Sourceforge. It makes the number crunching of creating your own monsters for Pathfinder infinitely easier, giving you more time to dedicate to other GMing aspects.

It does require a bit of setup, but luckily there’s an instructional video here! Go check it out!

Pathfinder Community


This site is a massive compilation of homebrew content by a number of different Pathfinder players. Most, if not all, of the non-Paizo content here is extremely well-built and imaginative. Oh, and there’s also a ton of harder to find Paizo content here as well. So much work has gone into this site, and it deserves a look!


Perram is one of the hosts of Know Direction, the Pathfinder News, Reviews and Interviews podcast, and is the creator of what we believe to be the best PFRPG spell card generator. If you’re playing a caster and prefer physical pieces of paper for you tabletop gaming, this is the site for you!

Monster Advancer

GM’s… stop doing all that math in your head or scribbling on a printed monster stat block! This site will apply the most common templates to any monster you need (well, almost any). Josh would have gone mad years ago if he hadn’t discovered this tool.


Donjon’s Pathfinder tools are an indispensable set of awesome tabletop random generators, calculators, and a pretty damn good online initiative tracker. Go give the site a look!

Dungeonetics Pathfinder Tools

Dungeonetics has a set of invaluable tools for those that play Pathfinder primarily in Paizo’s campaign setting, Golarion. Everything from a Golarion calendar, tools for speeding up harrowing, a Golarion-based region specific name generator and so much more!

Druid Wild Shape Calculator

Ever had a druid at the table or as an NPC that sometimes brings the entire game to a screeching halt trying to decipher how exactly their stats are effected when they wildshape? Well, look no further! This little online tool will make all your wildshaping quick and easy!