Rosie Sinner Art

Have you seen the fantastic art of our Player Characters? Well, it was done by friend of the pod, Rosie Sinner, known as Junryou on that there internet. She’s an incredible artist and if you’re looking to commission some custom artwork, she’s your gal!
Go. Go look at her art right now!

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Irene Campos Art

Irene has done a number of pieces for some of the prominent and important NPC’s on the show. She’s a stellar artist and an absolute pleasure to work with. Go check her out and maybe get some work done!

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Music by Shane Vincent

When he’s not playing our favorite goliath runewarden, Shane spends his time writing and performing music. If you like singer/songwriter music or songs with clever lyrics, you should definitely head over to his Bandcamp page and give his music a listen!

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Wigs by Laura

Our resident swashbuckler, Laura, runs an Etsy shop dedicated to bringing high-end cosplay wigs to you! Do you need a wig for that anime character with the wacky hair? If you said yes, Laura is your girl. Head on over to her shop and grab yourself a fancy wig today!

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Chance Espinoza

Great guy and dear friend of the show, Chance Espinoza, is an extremely talented musician and songwriter who also hosts a small podcast titled Doin’ it with Chance. If you like dynamic and thoughtful music, Chance is your boy. He has music under his own name, as well as under his band, Sounds of Satellites. Go give him a listen!

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Team Derpin’

The lovely Laura and Stephanie don’t just spend their time playing thoughtful characters on our podcast, they also stream a myriad of various video games on Twitch with friend of the pod Kathryn Lynn. Check them out every Monday at 8pm PST as well as various other days during the week. Go say hi and watch them derp through some video games!

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