Character Playlist: Isla

We’re on week three of our Character Playlist series, my friends! This week we delve into the music revolving around the group’s very own captain and leader…

The swashbuckling undersea heroin, Isla of pod Tetra, Captain of the Reefcrawler!

Played by Laura Jacquot on the show!

“Open Water” by Thrice

"Open Water" represents the tragic events of Isla's recent past. Losing the crew of the ship she worked on for nearly 2 years in a violent storm rattled her in a way she didn't know how to deal with. Her anger not only for the Gods but also for the ocean- the thing she's loved and called home since she first opened her eyes is an internal conflict she's constantly struggling with. 

"The open water chills me to my bones, but it's the only place that I feel alive"

“Face my Fears” by Utada Hikaru

"Face My Fears" is a look into Isla's time of trying to heal after her tragic loss. Meeting Isil and having him help her through her loneliness and guilt was a huge moment of strength for her. She really had to learn to face the things she feared the most. While those issues didn't just vanish, Isil taught her to face them head on. I think this song also conveys Isla's current ongoing attitude, always trying to overcome her fear and doubt. 

"Faith, should I take a leap? Taste, what a bitter sweet, all my, all my life"

“Fake Happy” by Paramore

"Fake Happy" really made me think of Isla at the very beginning of the campaign. She started this adventure with a lack of confidence and was still mourning the loss of her crew. She did her best to put on a good face for her new friends, but it was only a matter of time before they realized she was deeply hurting within. 

"Oh please, don't ask me how I've been, don't make me play pretend"

“I Have Questions” by Camila Cabello 

"I Have Questions" reminded me of a very specific part of the campaign- the period of time directly before the podcast began, where Isla discovered her mentor (and also the man she loved) was still alive. He had changed dramatically however since their last encounter, and Isla found it hard to trust him, which of course broke her heart. This song embodies her initial feelings of loss, betrayal, and anger. Even the whispered words at the very end of the song- "How do I fix it? Do you miss me? Is it my fault?" felt like a perfect representation of her feelings at that time. We later found out that he was being controled by an evil entity, and luckily Isla and Petros parted on great terms with hopes to see each other again soon. 

"Oh, your voice, it was the most familiar sound, but it sounds so dangerous to me now"

“Nothing Stopping Me” by Vicetone

"Nothing Stopping Me" is a super pop-y anthem that I feel really convey's Isla's new found hope after being called "captain" by her new group of friends. For so long things seemed hopeless to Isla, but after going through so much with this group she now sees as family, and having them look up to her as a leader, she finally feels like she is on the path she was always meant to be on. She is determined to do right by them, and also by their new friend Thalacos. 

"Now I know my feet they won't fail me now, so thanks for showing me all that I am about"